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  • John John Jan 12, 2013 11:47 Flag

    5 signings that could save our season

    Strike Ba & Sturridge off that list.

    I'd like to see Fellaini in the team.

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    • Ba would have given us a PL proven goal scorer and Sturridge would have given us width. We have no true wingers whilst Giroud would be best utilized by service from the flanks giving him a chance to ledge onto crosses and head them in.

      Podolski is not a true winger and Walcott might be moved to the middle, Gervinho is a disappointment and Ox is still learning and might also be a natural middle of the park player.

      We need more width in our play all our supposed wide player tend to drift to the middle long before they reach the back line.

      We even have played Ramsey as a winger!!! need I say more?