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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jan 13, 2013 17:00 Flag

    Only 5% want Wenger to stay.

    If Wenger has loads of money why not strengthen the squad? The board and Wenger are taking the piss. Now if we enter the transfer market we do so from a position of weakness. Not being in the CL will cost alot more than buying a couple of decent players and offering Walcott 100 million a week. I supported Wenger for years, believing he would start to invest once the good financial times arrived. He never did. The board and Wenger lie to the fans and players. No wonder players eventually leave. Why come to Arsenal? Perhaps for the wages or for game time, but right now we are not a place for talented players who want to win something. It's not even good business.
    Yes Arsenal are making profits, which never seem to get reinvested. So Wenger manages to turn loyal supporters against him. Well done. It feels like he wants to make everything about him, and what he wants, and the manner he wants to win stuff. He doesn't base decisions on the reality that in general the better players cost more and occasionally one needs to splash out.
    Not a great day for Arsenal, get ready for Wenger to blame everyone else. Get your cheque book out man. Please.