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    • If Wenger has loads of money why not strengthen the squad? The board and Wenger are taking the piss. Now if we enter the transfer market we do so from a position of weakness. Not being in the CL will cost alot more than buying a couple of decent players and offering Walcott 100 million a week. I supported Wenger for years, believing he would start to invest once the good financial times arrived. He never did. The board and Wenger lie to the fans and players. No wonder players eventually leave. Why come to Arsenal? Perhaps for the wages or for game time, but right now we are not a place for talented players who want to win something. It's not even good business.
      Yes Arsenal are making profits, which never seem to get reinvested. So Wenger manages to turn loyal supporters against him. Well done. It feels like he wants to make everything about him, and what he wants, and the manner he wants to win stuff. He doesn't base decisions on the reality that in general the better players cost more and occasionally one needs to splash out.
      Not a great day for Arsenal, get ready for Wenger to blame everyone else. Get your cheque book out man. Please.

    • 'he should continue on the condition he changes his approach away from ‘Project Youth’'

      Damn right!

      He should have tried to sign Mata.....oh hold on, he did, only to be gazumped by an insane billionare.

      Well...he should try and sign Hazard....oh hold on...Hazard signed for a certain russian billionare.

      He should have signed up Van Persie (you know, the player he MADE!)...oh hold on.....VP signed for ManU for...... HOW MUCH!?!?!!

      He should sign Mertesaker....oh hold on....he DID!

      He should sign a mega star....what about Arshavin!!?!!!

      He should move away from youth.....stop signing the likes of Fabregas and Chamberlain and Nasri and Jenkinson and Koscielny and Walcott and....oh f*ck me, the list could go on and on.

      I'll freely admit...you self proclaimed 'intellectuals' are waaaaaaaaaay beyond Fab.


    • Oh christ, the cat has dragged in the supposed ex Manchunian that warbles in a, frankly HILARIOUS, croatian accent and then expects himself to be taken seriously!

      I LOVE the entertainment these boards provide i tell thee!

    • 'Are Arsenal fans smartening up?'

      OBVIOUSLY not.

    • " I believe in the mantra "don't disturb the ignorant".'" Is that why you've been quiet all this time pixie. Oh, and why quote your own saying ? Hic, hic

    • 'It's your lucky day today, normally I don't respond to posters with a complete lack of intellectual curiosity or ability.

      I believe in the mantra "don't disturb the ignorant".'


      'Sell Van Persie.....no no...PLEASE ManU leave him be!'

      'Sack Wenger.....no no...sack the board!'

      'Sell Walcott...no no....offer him anything he wants!'

      Yeah....Marintii 'the dutch intellectual' KNOWS!'


    • "One of Arsenal’s biggest fans’ groups feel it is time for manager Arsene Wenger to either change his approach or leave the club"

      I've been saying this for ages, yet some still loons around here insist it's only a minority.