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  • Govinda Govinda Jan 14, 2013 13:39 Flag

    Time to rest Carzorla?

    Although perhaps a good signing, I feel Wenger has over used this little player who now seems to have trouble performing to the level he did early in the season.

    With a Chelsea game coming up this weekend I think we should rest Carzorla against Swansea.

    Sure it would be nice to win the FA cup but firstly, winning the FA cup is a long shot and secondly, to me the race for 4th is more important at this time since we are slipping behind Spurs further by the match day and given the choice between a 4th place finish in the PL or the FA cup I would choose the 4th place finish any day.

    So I think we should rest Carzorla and play Rosicky (provided he is still fit). Or leave the creative work toy Wilshire, fast becoming our best player, and play Coquelin or Ramsey. These are not ideal players to play but better than risking a fatigue driven injury to Carzorla or a (further?) burnout of this guy.


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