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  • Jacks Jacks Jan 16, 2013 00:47 Flag

    What's Wrong with This List?

    Any thoughts on that Rikki. Funny that isn't it? One minute its there, the next.......well one can only guess.
    And what about you John. I wonder what happened to my message to you today, spelling things out for you?? No ideas?? No, me neither.

    The only conclusion I can come to, is that they must have hit the mark, or a soft spot. But there you are, and for that I apologise for any discomfort caused. There are some on here who seem to delight in dishing it out, but arent so keen on receiving it themselves. Perhaps you John, and Rikki might like to try and rekindle the life you once had, by going back a few years- like ten or so- and looking at yourselves then, and ask, how you ever ended up here, talking to.......well who; do you know?? Because I certainly dont. And I certainly dont want to end up trading words and insult with you, or anyone on here for that matter. Rikki is a basket case(sorry Butch but its a fact and please dont do your quote's bit like some parrot, its getting stale and yawningly boring)), and cannot help himself. As for you John, reading back over your 'work' on here and elsewhere, I can see that you are, very likely a decent enough bloke, but this place, has turned you into a not very likeable person at all. As it was doing with me. I went back and took a long look in that mirror I always mention, and I didnt like what I saw.
    Anyway, that's for what its worth......and my best guess, not worth much to you. One lump or two John? None for you Rikki.You've enough in you at the moment to worry about..

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