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  • Govinda Govinda Jan 16, 2013 07:35 Flag

    Another example of Wengers BS

    I guess until Theo signs there is nothing being done with respect to signing some new players. Multi tasking is hard for an organisation being run by a dictator. (Or this just an other Wenger lie and tomorrow he signs Messi)

    Quote: ‘First of all we want to sort out the injuries we have and we are trying very hard to close the deal with Theo Walcott. Once we have done that, we will certainly do something else.’

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    • The issue of Walcott shouldn't come in to it when buying Keepers, defenders and midfield players and that's after all where we need the biggest changes made.

      The issue is we are leaking goals so Walcott is irrelevant and he only comes in to play if Wenger is deciding to use him as a No 9 OR needs to replace him.

      When I hear that QPR are bringing in M'Vila and Remy (two players who would make a huge difference at the Emirates) and we have still done nothing it gets my back up.

      They say that the January window is no time to buy, well this year it has been proven that there are some real bargains to be had and we ain't getting any of them.

      Fricking ridiculous!

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      • Apparently according to some papers "Wenger has warned Arsenal fans that Arsenal won't be active". What is this guy smoking? Apparently now he is fixated on building a team around a core of local lads. When will this guy learn that it is all about the right balance. He probably has only 4M burning a hole in his pockets for all I know. But delusional as Wenger, I have rarely seen. In my mind he has done more than a full circle. In fact he has now a team that is weaker than the one he inherited. That team had Seaman and the famous back four as well as Wright, Bergkamp, Platt, Parlour and Merson. And thanks to his socialist policy, we are stuck with players that we can't seem even to give away for free. And he has also contrived to destroy Arshavin, who was a topmost talent in Europe when we signed him. Now for whatever reason he does not want to play Rosicki and imposes Ramsey on us. The bottom line with Wenger is that IMHO; he is a poor man manager, he simply cannot cope with other big egos.

      • Could not agree more. M'vila would have been great. Wenger better sign a better player than him in the next few weeks.