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  • Jacks Jacks Jan 16, 2013 14:20 Flag

    Fair play. Or not....

    Seems we're always caught moaning about this, especially about City. But consider this.......

    ": Which of the following is a better model for football in the long term? One in which a set of owners, by a leveraged buy-out, use the fans’ money to buy themselves a club, from which they have subsequently extracted £500million?

    Or one in which a set of owners have invested so far nearly one billion pounds of money that would otherwise not be in the country, upgrading facilities, improving infrastructure and delivering world-class players to English game? Which of those two strikes you as the more beneficial ownership?"

    Would be interesting to see the depth of commitment here, regarding Arsenal and 'Fair Play' within the PL.
    For me, its a simple choice, and one that I have come to realise is the only way to go now. Pay anything, whatever it takes, to make this club successful. Period. And if some view that as a turn around, then they are right. But we are all, I hope, able to be honest enough, to stand up and say so.

    And Butch, please stay out. You are not responsible enough to give a fair, qualified, or even knowledgable answer. Unless of course you can change. But with your track record, I - as a betting man- would lay odds, you cannot.

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    • I'm all for allowing wealthy owners to pump big sums of money into football and the PL. City and Chelsea have, recently, brought world class players to the PL which increases the quality of PL football.

      I think to protect the long term competitiveness of the game the PL should consider a salary cap structure along the lines of the MBA and NFL. This could keep the playing field somewhat even and protect to become a 2 team league like the Spanish league.

      The PL is already turning into a 2 or 3 team league with Man U, Chelsea and City ahead of the rest of the teams, but if each team can spend the same on wages there is a limit to the players they could bring in unless these player will play for lesser wages.

      To have financial fair play rules in place and not enforce them only creates confusion. I would think a salary cap might be easier to enforce and working models of this system exist so it won't be like re-inventing the wheel.

    • only a complete numpty (or drunk) would start a serious thread and then ruin it at the end by giving Butch the 'come on'