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    DAVID DEIN has told Arsenal dissenters to get off the manager’s back.

    Dein brought Arsene Wenger to London in 1996 but was ousted as vice-chairman six years ago.

    Asked what he thought of fans singing ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ at pal Wenger, Dein said: “I find that very hurtful.

    “People have got short memories. They seem to forget what Arsene has achieved for the club.

    “Arsenal is respected around the world and much of that is because of Arsene with the results and the players he has brought in and developed.

    “People underestimate him. He has transformed the club. He has done a phenomenal job.

    “I always used to call him the miracle-worker. He waved his magic wand and he delivered.

    “But it’s getting tougher because the competition is getting stronger.”

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4750177/David-Dein-tells-Arsenal-fans-to-lay-off-Arsene-Wengers-back.html#ixzz2IK49TkQU

    Think that is what you call the KNOCK-OUT BLOW delivered to all the Wenger bashers.


    Delivered to you by Fab.

    Much SMUG love!

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    • Replied 'The Prat'............whilst doing his upmost to show the world that he is really 'chilled out' anyway and that he didn't need that Fab 'pill' at all.


    • No wonder everyone thinks you're not all there, Pixie!

    • Take a chill pill......'Prat'!


    • Injuries and lack of confidence!!

      FFS, Arsenal are the ONLY team to have injuries, according to Pixie.

      And lack of confidence from the players is down to negative comments on here!

      CLASSIC Pixie!

      I know i am talking bollocks.

      Fab knew he was incorrect all along.

      Wenger knows I'm incorrect too!

      Much SMUG love.

    • I have always voiced the opinion that, on the whole, during the trophyless years of recent, Wenger has supplied the club with the potential to win. The opinion that the teams Wenger has built, in this time, have played exceptional football and indeed, at times, been the best team in the country, even though they have ended seasons un-rewarded.

      Seasons such as in which Arsenal lead the Prem, only to falter when the squad suffered greatly through injury (13 players missing).

      I have always voiced the belief that if the likes of RVP and Fabregas and Diaby and Eduardo and Wilshere had been available more often, then the results would have been far more positive.

      I have always believed that those Arsenal 'fans' that berate the more pro Wenger supporters are, on the whole, extremely misguided and ignorant to the facts and causes.

      Wenger has almost ALWAYS delivered the squads to win.

      Wenger has done so whilst faced with opposition who have been able to call upon far greater funding than he.

      I have ALWAYS voiced the opinion that the cause of much of Arsenals frustration was the lack of confidence of the players. Confidence which is not helped by the more negative of the Arsenal fans.

      Lack of confidence. Injuries sustained.

      They are the real causes of Arsenals failure to win trophies in recent years. Not the ability of the man in charge.

      People like to believe that i merely follow Wenger 'blindly'.

      That is absolute bull. If i thought the Arsenal manager was not up to the job i would want him sacked ASAP. I happen to strongly believe Wenger IS up to the job and has been doing a fantastic job, when all the circumstances are taken into account.

      It is my belief that it is those that so readily choose to berate the manager and team who are the 'blind'. They look no further than the end of their noses. They call for 'big name signings' and do not realise that the likes of Chelsea and City can outbid Arsenal, every time. They sneer when Wenger signs the likes of Jenkinson. They put huge pressure on the likes of Giroud, before he has a real chance to shine. I can remember those same fans booing Walcott from the stands FFS!!! Screaming at the size of wage he was being paid. Then screaming to pay him substantially more, a season or so later (PMSL!)

      The recent comments from Dein and Vieira and now Walcott all further MY ongoing arguments and long held view.

      I know i am correct.

      Fab knew he was correct all along.

      Wenger knows too!

      Much SMUG love.

    • 1. Dein made £70m out of his shares thanks to the value of the club going through the roof with the stadium.

      2. The fans are still paying for that stadium while the Board have already cashed in.

      3. Dein's own son is responsible for destabilising and transferring the majority of our star players to other clubs.

      4. Dein is hopeful that Usmanov can win the battle to own the club, and if he returns he want his old mucka to still be in charge.


      Like Fab.

    • I think (and hope) Wenger will stay around a good while yet. I think he'll get a kick out of ramming the words down a few peoples throats in the coming years.
      Whilse he may have made some questionable purchases, there is hardly a manager that hasn't, and many have spent a whole lot more on a whole lot worse.

      Welcome to the madhouse BTW!

    • 1st time ive been on these boards, dunno whats going on with them, but must say Dein speaking out for Wenger is a great to hear. I dont believe once great managers "lose it" if they have done it once they can do it again, all it depends on is what they have to work with. Although a good few of Wengers player purchases have been questionable over recent years he has been working with a tight budget which means more miss than hit. But I do believe that next year or the year after Arsenal/wenger will be a different proposition, the question is will wenger be there to oversee management for the beginning of the new era?

    • Oh come come OAP......not even you would be daft enough to believe you could land the full blown 'Enrys 'ammer'. Nope, an Henry right would be about the hieght of even your plain dafty aspirations surely?

      Unless, of course, you're going to tell me what you did to Lee Bowyer again!!


      AGAIN! AGAIN!!!

    • I think you'll find it's a Cooper LEFT, Pixie, not that you'd be expected to know anything more about boxing than you know about football!

      Pixie: Dein says so.

      OK, game over, GOD has spoken!!


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