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  • Cornbread Cornbread Jan 19, 2013 11:41 Flag


    How long was that post, Pixie??!?!?



    All you've proved is what a desperate, illiterate chimp you really are!

    Cos Vieira's really saying that this team is better than the all-conquering Invincibles, right?

    This is almost as funny as your Metro/Phibbers/Youtube/Ebay bummings...

    But not quite!

    MUCH LOVE xxx

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    • I think again its a positive statement from a former player who has no need to say such positive things other than he values Wenger and what he did for him. If you actually read what he is saying then yes I think we do play better football in general, we dont give it away as much as we did, we play for possesion now much more than we did with the invincibles. The diff being is the invincibles (as Viera says) were more mature and stronger. Mentally they were better but in terms of tactics I think we have an element better than they did. A few better players in 3 positions and we would be well on our way to being a challenger. We have been in that position for ages now so I dont expect miracles but i do expect an improved financial position in a couple of seasons which can spur us on to getting back to where we were.