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  • Swerve Swerve Jan 20, 2013 17:02 Flag


    OK, I'm up for the challenge:

    Vieira said: “I believe Arsenal, on a good day when they have all their players fit and in form, CAN BEAT ANYONE. EVEN THE VERY BEST TEAMS IN THE WORLD.

    - And the evidence for this is? Knocked out by Barca and Milan in the last two Champs Leagues. Beaten 8-2 by United last season. 1 point from 5 games against the top 3 sides. Erm....Patrick?

    “OK, right now they lack the consistency to win the Premier League title. But they have good players, VERY GOOD PLAYERS

    “And if you look at Arsenal in the last few years thenI THINK THEY HAVE PLAYED BETTER FOOTBALL THAN WE DID in 2003-04. For me they are definitely better to watch as a team but we were stronger, had physical presence and more experience.

    - Lack the consistency to win the Premiership? Better football than was played by the Invincibles? Thierry vs Theo. Adams vs. Vermaelen. Campbell vs. Koscielny. Vieira vs. Arteta. Rosicky vs. Pires. Cole vs. Gibbs. Fabregas vs. Cazorla. Bergkamp vs. Giroud. Etc, etc.

    Cazorla, Wilshire, Sagna (until recently), Szchesny (gave up on the spelling), Vermaelen (inconsistent) are good players, the first two VERY good, but world class? Jack has the potential, but is held back by the dross he is surrounded with.

    Zero games lost against 6 already this season and never in the top 2? World class players leaving every year rather than staying at the club?

    Have a YouTube fesy of the feast of football served up by the 2003-2004 team vs the sideways passing and ineffective attacking, plus inept defending when under serious pressure of the current team.

    Really Patrick?

    “In terms of quality, though, they have a lot of quality there. ENOUGH QUALITY TO WIN something.”


    Out to Bradford in the League Cup. TWENTY ONE POINTS off the top of the table and ELEVEN off of 3rd place. Beaten comprehensively by quality sides in the Champions League to go out every year. Oh, we are still in the FA Cup, if we win that it will surely top the unbeaten season right, thereby justifying his earlier statement of the current team being better than The Invincibles.

    What the fuck has he been smoking?

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