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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Jan 20, 2013 03:53 Flag

    SOL.....Arsenal WORSE than INVINCIBLES!

    “In my era we policed it ourselves,” he said of the players he played alongside such as Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams, Thierry Henry and Martin Keown. “We policed it to make sure no one’s level dropped. You can’t play great in every single game but you don’t want a slump leading on for five, 10 games, a whole season. You’ve got to keep those standards up. You need a lot more guys to help you out. One guy with a lot of passion is not enough."

    “Arsenal need to get back to the old days. Get some good British players and mix it with some foreign guys."

    When told that Vierra claimed the present team was better than the Invincibles, Campbell replied, "I think you'll find Patrick was mis-quoted, either that or he was having a laugh, there really is no comparison."

    As Pixie says, it must be true because he is an ex-Invincible.

    They went a whole season undefeated, whereas this Arsenal team has only managed FIVE games undefeated in a row!

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