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  • JamesB JamesB Jan 20, 2013 19:45 Flag

    How much longer.....

    You're sounding more and more like a broken record mate. Show a bit of spine, and stay the course until things turn around. I only say this in the hope that you actually have played the game, and were there to see all these 'lack of basics'. If so, you'd make some coach. Apply. Why not?

    • No son, the broken record is those such as yourself that say "hang on" "it'll be OK" "Are you a professional in the game?" "We have a great team you will see".

      You are also in the vast minority now.

      Playing the "good supporter" card is also way off. Those of us who "had the balls" to question the current regime long before the shit hit the fan have proven to be right.

      Those of you who like to tuck your heads firmly beneath the sand are actually are actually part of the problem. However, now everyone else has pulled their heads back up and can see things clearly, we look at those of you with your heads still under and yet talking the same garbage AND trying to sound superior doing it, with great amusement.

      Club first. Manager second.