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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jan 21, 2013 09:00 Flag

    How much longer.....

    Oh dear oh dear....Chrissy is trying awfully hard to get a rise i see.

    Your 'mate' Marintii and that strange creature that survives with no brain 'gooneribe' may fall for your twaddle but old Fab has batted you around the chops INCESSANTLY for YEARS now and will laugh at your,frankly painfull to read,supposed reasoning of the Arsenal situation, with typical Fab gusto.

    Go on Chrissy......argue the toss with Vieira and Dein again....


    Much SMUG love.

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    • tut tut pixie

      you are getting confused and its showing.

      I was butch on the other thread, now Im Chris (or is Sweve Chris?)

      infamy infamy theyve all got it infamy! hahahahahahahahaha

      go and have a lie down and when the anger wears off come back and start again. I promise i'll ease off you for a bit.

      there there pixie, mummy make it all right

      much love

    • And here comes the poster boy for idiocy, right on cue.

      It's almost scripted. You are just missing the big shoes, red nose and a car with a funny honking bell.