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  • Roger E Roger E Jan 20, 2013 14:32 Flag

    How much longer.....

    .....do we have to put up with this shambles??

    We were lacking in so many basics in the first half-

    - No closing down in any area of the pitch
    - No running off the ball
    - No urgency
    - Both midfield and defence all over the place
    - Precious little created up front.

    Our NINTH defeat of the season is fast approaching - major changes needed at the club.

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    • I imitate you to add to your annoyance levels.

      It seems to be working effortlessly LOL

      you are SMARTING and everyone can see it.

      much SMUG love

      one is most amused I tell thee

    • 'RILED'?

      'Much love'?


      You seem to take an awful lot of notice of EVERY WORD Fab decides to relay.

      I, on the other hand, have already proven, that i find you very tiresome, extremely boring, and awfully immature. You have about as much humour as Chris pretending he is 'Swerve' the staunch Arsenal fan, even after his MONUMENTAL slip up.

      No...actually......that situation is FAR more AMUSING!

      Much SSSSSSSSSSSMUG.......love.

    • go and stand in the corner of the room dunce!

      try reading my post again pixie, I said that 'lie down' didnt do you any good


      PMSL (are you stilll waaaaaaaaiiiiitttttttttttting by any chance?)


      c*nt chops?? first class pr!ck?? now now pixie dont go getting yourself all RILED UP over nothing.

      would I whine like a b*tch if I got a slap? bet you'd like to try and find out wouldnt you keyboard Conan?


      Yupp you certainly are confused dumbo

      much love

    • Yupp. Now i'll freely admit i actually am confused.

      Care to explain what you mean by 'that lie didn't work'?

      What 'lie' was that then c*nt chops?



      As for who you 'really are'. Am i meant to care? You're a first class pr!ck that would no doubt whine like a b!tch if it got a slap.

      You know who i am?


      Lucky you!!!


    • oops that lie down didnt work did it pixie?

      you've come back even more WOUND UP than before!

      confused? I know exactly who I AM
      (I even know exactly who you are!)

      keep guessing pixie, it amuses me.

      much smug love


    • You're sounding more and more like a broken record mate. Show a bit of spine, and stay the course until things turn around. I only say this in the hope that you actually have played the game, and were there to see all these 'lack of basics'. If so, you'd make some coach. Apply. Why not?

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      • No son, the broken record is those such as yourself that say "hang on" "it'll be OK" "Are you a professional in the game?" "We have a great team you will see".

        You are also in the vast minority now.

        Playing the "good supporter" card is also way off. Those of us who "had the balls" to question the current regime long before the shit hit the fan have proven to be right.

        Those of you who like to tuck your heads firmly beneath the sand are actually are actually part of the problem. However, now everyone else has pulled their heads back up and can see things clearly, we look at those of you with your heads still under and yet talking the same garbage AND trying to sound superior doing it, with great amusement.

        Club first. Manager second.

    • Gazidis has recently mentioned a contract extension for Wenger.

      Considering he is currently on £135K per week, the mind boggles at how they will further reward him for abject and prolonged failure.

    • Sure the team were sh!te first half but that is down to confidence and form. Look at the midfield we had playing, Diaby, just returned from injury and Coquelin. Totally unused to playing together.

      'major changes needed at the club'

      You need to change your psychiatrist more like.

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      • I have to go along with the comments by fabongrass. His point being that the first half against Chelsea, was all about confidence, and not to do with performance. The second half proved once again, that as Viera pointed out Arsenal-even this side Wenger put out, as identified by the former poster- are capable of beating anyone. But some here choose to ignore all this in favour of being seen as right, in their condemnation of Arsenal and Wenger. Nothing, is going to change the attitude of those who, to all intents and purposes, purport to be Arsenal supporters, when in fact they are really only in for the niggle factor, knowing little about the Great Arsenal team, and the traditions, that make them the greatest, known, football club in the world. That is plainly obvious, when one reads the ignorant posts of people who really, have nothing better to do at home. Perhaps they could do no better, than to find out,and let others know,how long, over the last 3 seasons Persie had at Arsenal, were spent out of the team, and on the treatment table.. Couple that info. with the injuries to Ramsay, Wiltshire, and several other important players, over that period- As were pointed out by fabongrass-. But ignored or laughed at by those because in fact,they actually dont have any answer to him,or john and gooneribe, or marinti, nabby adams. The only ones, who seem to have any kind of knowledge, or show true support of their team, Arsenal.

      • Confidence and form (again)


      • Always with the excuses, pathetic.

    • Worst arsenal side since wengers reign, getting worse every year.