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  • Govinda Govinda Jan 21, 2013 07:22 Flag

    Wenger has no clue about football economics.

    Earlier this week Wenger was talking about most of the transfers in this window being done during the last days of the window when prices for players tend to come down. Perhaps he is right and he might be able to get a player for 2.5 instead of 3.5 million.

    The thing he seems to over look is the big picture. Perhpas if we had Huntelaar or Llorent as a striker we would have gone 1-0 up against Chelsea and managed a draw. Or perhaps if we had a decent keeper we would have managed a draw over the last 2 games.

    The points we are dropping during January to save a few million could end up costing us a fortune if, as a result of not buying early in the January window like so many other clubs including Liverpool who are now level on points, we fail to qualify for CL football.

    Spurs looked far superior to us yesterday.

    Perhaps if we had bought a proven striker in the summer and some defensive midfield reinforcement would be in 3rd?

    Or perhaps if we had bought Mata and Cahill we would be in second because maybe RVP would have stayed?

    If you always look for the cheap option out you will eventually be left out yourself.