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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jan 23, 2013 22:08 Flag

    A wonderful win

    How frustrating. If only they could have mustered enough passion in the previous two games.

    Nerves, are a terrible thing at times.

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    • I think the performance and result only papers over the cracks and consistancy is the issue.

      Dropping points against Chelski and City was a kick in the teeth for the players as it knocks the confidence.

      The overwhelming fact is the squad is not strong enough and a few more top draw players in the squad will increase belief and offer better options when faced against the big boys.

      I would rather Wenger went and spent 30 million on 1 player that we know will make a difference then buy 3 or 4 players that are no better then what we have.

      Pod's, Cazorla and Giroud are very good players but they ain't no RVP or Cesc and these are the level of players we need to bring back to the club.

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      • I think you judge the new signings harshly. Those guys have barely bedded in. Give them more time i say. They scored some wonderful goals yesterday.

        Losing against City and Chelsea will do the squad no good at all confidence wise, especially when the performance in each of the first halves was so frustratingly poor.

        I think this squad has bags of potential and really really hope they can string a good run of results together now and go into the upcoming 'big' games with a lot more belief in themselves.

        Only then will you see their real quality.

        IMO they are barely a 'team' today, still more of a set of individuals. However they are showing glimpses of real quality IMO, and it is that that gives me real hope for the future.

        I just hope they get a good run, relatively injury free, so they can really gel.

    • You should ask the usual, all mouth and no trousers, on here, to try and pick the bones out of that result. Lets hear from our regular dummys, about 'how lucky we were' or 'your missing Van Persie' or perhaps their usual silence for a while, lost for words. They must be a bundle of nerves.