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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Jan 26, 2013 21:38 Flag


    "They really don't care to go into it too much detail, or truth"

    "And thats with the second string out"

    Even though you finished the game with just about your first X1? Arsenal's squad is paper thin and most of your players won't last the season. Cazorla must be knackered - that's probably the first game he's not played in all season.


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    • Oh look!! Its the parrot seagull cantona again, with his usual 'highlighting' of the last post, to try and make his pointless scribblings on here readable. Nobody understands what you are talking about eric. - And now please, when you highlight that last sentence, can you please attribute it to the original poster. Otherwise you're just 'unintelligable'.
      Try to keep up eric, please. The subject is 'NO SIGNINGS'. Understand?? Why not put your question to Cazorla on the Arsenal site. He would be only to happy to put you in your place. He of course would have to have your 'unintelligable' word 'KNACKERED' interpreted. Perhaps if you interpose the word BOLLOCKS( aka you), it might be more acceptable. Or even a simple TIRED perhaps.