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  • And while we are on the subject, why in Gods name was this match televised, completely ignoring more ties with a lot more attraction than a boring MU, and a side with no idea, from go to whoa??

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    • "why in Gods name was this match televised"

      Because it was Manchester United, the best supported club in the world, the club that brings in the most viewers, therefore the most advertising revenue .... DOH!

      "ompletely ignoring more ties with a lot more attraction"

      WHAT ties, Gillian, what other games were on at 5:30pm? ..... DOH!

      "a side with no idea, from go to whoa"

      A side who drew 3-3 at the Emirates, and were unlucky not to win .... DOH!

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      • Which just goes to show how out of touch you really are Tricky. That particular question came off a Yahoo front page; people questioning how every FA Cup game for the last 5 years that Man.Utd. played was televised, completely ignoring more attractive and interesting games. But of course we forget you are a bit out of things there, and your mistake is understood. Or rather, put up with. Dont forget to FLOSS those gums Rikki. Have another one, and go to bed. Ta Tah! Oh and leave 'it ' alone butch, it drains the strength, and you'll need that to get back on here tomorrow(sorry Today)