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  • Jacks Jacks Jan 27, 2013 19:39 Flag

    Gums Altree ! You have Post...


    Now didn't I tell you Rikki, to stop 'highlighting' posts in an effort to be understood?? I notice you avoided the Cazorla question? But isnt that just like you. Speed read(to read slowly, to be able to absorb the content of someones post, is just too much for you as you might read something you dont like about yourself) and then revert to the old Rikki tricks that everyone is well aware of, like placing somebody at a particular location that doesn't exist, only in your small mind, and failing to recognise the poster by name etc. etc. etc. and on, and on. And on, and on, and on, and on, blah, blah, blah! like a parrot called 'ParraPhrase....oh that was quite funny I thought. I'll have to remember that one. Now, please dont forget to floss those gums before you collapse tonight, and steralise those ill fitting set of NHS false teeth(Yep, you guest it Rikki, dental records), you got on the cheap, before you left GREAT Britain for the Colonies. We don't want them falling out as you rage, and bluster, over my posts, do we now? Oh dear Rikki. You really are a poor wretch. There are times when I truly feel sorry for your troubles. Shame you cant accept that it takes a long time over there, to rub the stain and smell of Pommy land of you, before the Aussie's accept you. I tried for years, but unlike you, I had a sense of humour, and they liked that) Believe me, I do understand why you keep on posting on here. It must be lonely. I mean, Rikki. Who in there right mind would sit at home in front of his dial up Internet(I know your on D.Up), well into his 60's + and call himself "Black Ops"? Ask yourself. Who? ERIK??? :)
    Oh! And one more thing. Hows that daughter of yours in Urunga?? Even someone on 'Black Ops!' couldnt find her. Funny that.

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