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    • I read that John, and though it was interesting. But I found this little piece more interesting........

      "I would like to be useful for the club(???), and I can be. I understand football well and can prove it, but I’ll never force myself on anyone. but I remain convinced that Arsenal should have only one aim in every competition, first place and winning."

      ...as though he is trying to convince, that he is a footballing man. And then the bit that made me sit up " For the moment, Arsenal don’t seem to need me,"!!!! What on earth does that mean?? Finally, what is the feeling about this man, generally? I among others, know nuts about him.

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      • Let's face it, barely any Arsenal fans know either Kroenke or Usmanov and, as with anything, it is easy to fantasise about what these guys may or may not do for the club.

        I, as i have always written, would rather niether of these guys calling the shots at Arsenal. That said, i find it strange that Usmanov is snubbed by the rest at the top as he seemingly is happy to support the club with his own finances, to put his money where his mouth is if you like. The fact that Usmanov also always turns up at games to actually watch Arsenal, whereas Kroenke, does not, surely favours the guy in the eyes of the fans, who, face it, only want the club to be successful.

        Why not let Usmanov have more of a say? I understand it is because he has called for more financial input from the other owners.

        Usmanov has a highly dubious past and it is that that i dislike, much like Abramovich at Chelsea and his willingness to turn a blind eye to the actions of Putin for the benefit of his back pocket.

    • I would take the Russian any day over the Yank.

      At least the Russian seems to have ambition.

    • hi john. this board has crumbled away. sad to see!

      anyway, concerning kronke or usmanov etc.
      Im not really up on who is good or bad for your club or what their true intentions our etc.

      so i was wondering if u could enlighten me on this issue?
      or anyone else for that matter.

      & most importantly, as a spurs fan, who should i be cheering on? who is the most evil of the 2?!

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      • From my own "unique" viewpoint.....Kroenke strikes me as a man who admires Arsenal as a business. Usmanov views us as a football club and has been a fan for some time.

        Long term sustainability and keeping within the FFP is key to the survival of any of the top clubs, but to remain a top club requires investment in players who will keep you there. The latter has been lacking at Arsenal for some time.

        Kroenke has a stranglehold on the transfer kitty. Arsene Wenger is towing the boards line and defending the lack of investment. If Usmanov gained control, I dont know if he would turn out to be another RA and get too involved in the player staff.

        I would like Usmanov to be given a seat on the board as a counter to the policy of restricted investment in transfers. Because it has been going down for too long.

        I await the usual abuse.