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  • JamesB JamesB Jan 30, 2013 14:15 Flag

    Good to be back..

    At last, back to insanity. Good to see that others have been busy replicating me, and thanks, but I dont need any help seeing the likes of Butch & Co. off.
    Didnt Arsenal do well a few years ago? Seem to have gone downhill a bit, but I think we'll catch up. The boys from 'The Well Hung...' say hello, and are keen to start a little repartee with you boys. 'Dallas Cowboys' fans. What can you expect? Wenger's picture still hangs over the bar, along with the legendary Theirry H. Funny enough, the boss has always included a signed photo of a (he says)another Highbury legend, Cliff Holton,(not familiar) but who he said, hit the ball so hard it went through the net at The North Bank end, and nearly decapitated him. So he got him to auto. it. Strange, but true. Have to buzz off now. Things to do people to see, and the bright lights of downtown Denver will be calling. Ups a Daisy then(isnt that what you limeys say?)

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