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  • Raider Raider Jan 30, 2013 16:12 Flag

    Who do we really need to make a difference?

    Do we need Villa? well he certainly would help.
    Can we trust our current frontline to deliver? maybe!

    I think the real question is, can we stop leaking goals because for one, I think if we got that issue sorted the rest would look after its self.

    I think we can score goals with the quality we have but I wouldn't say no to more fire power.

    But the current defence just isn't getting it right, for whatever reason.

    That's why I would like to see Lahm or Maicon come in at right back and replace Sagna, Baines replace Santos and bring in Schweinsteiger at midfield.

    None of this would ever happen and I know it, but, if we brought in three players of that standard to strengthen the team (about 40 millions worth) I honestly believe a top 4 spot would be the least you would expect and realistically challenging for honours.

    I understand where Wenger is coming from when he says he doesn't want to buy any old dross because we have been slating him for doing just that over the last 5 seasons but he has come out and said he has money to spend... so spend!

    1 million more and we could have had Mata, a little bit more and we may have kept Cole, RVP.
    It's always about the money, now it needs to be about winning!

    24 hrs to go and probably no buys! I suppose we will have to wait until the summer to see what Wenger intends to do to get back in to Europe!

    That's unless his faith in the squad pays off!

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    • I would love to see us playing a 3-4-2-1 formation with the four being a deeper midfield position and the two wide boys acting as wingbacks covering defensive duties.
      I know it's never going to happen but I hate it when we get over run in the middle of the park when the whole team thinks it OK to become forwards.

      I'm happy with so many things Arsen has done and the general ethos of trying to play attractive football but as a result the defense has lost the disciplin needed to stave off decent opposition.

      Being a supporter for the last 45 years I have seen good and bad teams come and go but anyone who has been in the game will tell you that you build a successful team from the back and our successful years proves that!

    • I think we need a CB in the mold of Shawcross (yes!!!); a defensive MF like Makelele; a back up for Jenkinson and we'll be much better. Tactically we need to change too. The zonal marking does not seem to work with the bunch we have. It worked when we had Cole, Sol etc. If we fix our defensive frailties, we will be much improved. A back up Scez or even a starter also needed.

    • I think we can guarantee a new CB in the summer. Squillaci is out of contract (better not be renewed) and Djourou, fingers crossed will enjoy his time away and we can sell him. That would leave a space for wenger to fill while keeping an eye on Miquel and giving him some chances. As far as DMF goes im not sure Wenger will buy a typical DMF, he has kind of avoided that position since Gilberto. I think it has been a problem. Yes Song, Diaby, Flamini have been there but all 3 were also encouraged to push forward which is why i think its Wengers tactics that are a bigger issue. i think we need to revert to a more structured play with one guy always holding and not moving from his position too much.

    • I agree about Mertesacker and I was one that welcomed the player as he was a big part in the German side and always delivered for them and we all hoped he would do the same for Arsenal.

      I guess the pace of international football is nothing like the premiership and he has been found wanting.

      The appointment of Monreal can only be good as it is competition for Gibbs and Santos will be gone in the summer.

      I think a defensive player in the middle of the park could have been brought in too either a holding midfielder or infact someone to challenge for a position in central defence.

      We have flare players and I am starting to see something in Giroud but its the defence that worries us all and needs attention.

      Despite where we end up this season Arsen will have to buy big this summer as he has publicly said they have the money to buy top quality players, something they haven't said before.

      If he doesn't buy the players to compete against the big spenders then everyone will know it's not the board who held the purse strings but in fact Wenger and the natives wont ne happy!

      I see a Central defender coming in next year as well as a top forward and possibly a Holding midfielder wihich depends on Arteta, Diaby and Ramsey and how they fare!

    • Nothing wrong with using Verm in place of Gibbs. No doubt that was part of the plan from the moment Verm was signed.
      The defence is all over the place but there is no guarantee a new face will put a stop to that. Individually the defenders at Arsenal are quality (Santos apart arguably, but then he has barely played). Arsenal fans on this very board called for Wenger to sign Mertesaker, before he was indeed signed.

      The problem is the unit. They do look very uncomfortable.

    • Sagna has been crap for a while and Gibbs has been injury prone for as long as I can remember.

      Baines or quality left back is nr 1 priority, defensive midfielder nr2 priority, and rightback and striker equal nr 3 priority. We might as well give Jenkinson minutes on the right since he is supposed to be our future and he can't possibly be at the root of more conceded goals than Sagna.

    • It's a crying shame that as Giroud and Walcott continue to develop, our defence continue to let us down.

      Mertesacker, Sagna were not great tonight and Gibbs was taken off early to let Santos do his thing...which isn't a lot.

      Arsene, I think you may have missed the boat again this season.

      Steve Bould.....I hope you are getting more and more verbal. You can't seriously think it's good enough?

    • I would also think the suring up of the defence is more important than adding yet more attack. That said, the team are so inconsistent in attack that it is hard to deny new personnel in that area. I think, well hope, that the more attack minded players are really beginning to gel and get to know each others games and in doing so become a more effective unit.

      The biggest problem for me is the zonal marking stance. It fails time and time again.Mertesaker looks awkward and Vermalean is not enjoying his best season at the club. The defensive unit, like the attack, does not look to me as though they fully understand how one another plays.

      That takes time.

      I think on the whole the squad is very good and as time goes by, getting better.

      The team needs to build confidence, and to me that is the most important factor. Not new faces.