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  • SAFs united are 7 pts clear at the top of the PL and 21 pts clear of francenal.
    yeah he's really scratching his head about missing out on Theo Wallflower! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    'ran rings around Gerrard and co'? Good job you werent already 4-0 down like you should have been by the time your boys started to play then eh?

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    • Dodge nicely said, Im with you all the way. Too much negativity and not enough enjoying what we do have. I would rather we be winning these games but hey, its obviously not our season. Im not too convinced Fergie will be bothered about Walcott signing for us, afterall he just got the new Walcott (Zaha) wrapped up. Fingers crossed for that kid he doesnt end up like Walcott and take a long time to develop otherwise he'll be a FLOP like ho many numerous others. (they obviously arent flops but too many numpties get caught up in the press about totall balls.)

    • I'm sorry Piggy, but you may as well be on the moon. We have no idea who you are, as you readily, and often, attest to.
      It's not difficult on here. All you have to do is state who you support(if any) and what your beef is with us. Simple, and straight forward. As well as honest.