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  • I know your hurting gooner, but please stop beating yourself and others up about it. Its plain you are a pessimist, but our glass is far from 'half empty'. There's plenty more left of Arsenal this season.Did you ever give a thought to how others feel with your constant belly aching about 'oh dear we must strengthen etc. etc.' What, if anything, is it that you want out of us? You talk as though anything we say on here reflects on decisions Arsene Wenger makes concerning who and what we buy!! Even how we play, for Gods sake!! Its just never ending with you. If you're getting a hard time from someone down the pub, then suggest you show a bit of back bone and get stuck into them, like a true 'gooner' would.

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    • SSSsss! Oooooo! A right, a left, and then a stunning right uppercut. Almost cut you in half there gooner! Now, no bawling into your cereal tomorrow, if we dont measure up to your expectations. After all as good old Jimmy G once said."Its a funny old game". And I would add; 'so live with it'.