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  • Piggy Piggy Feb 1, 2013 09:17 Flag

    Wenger Buys!!!!!!!!

    a kick in the groin? hahahahahaha

    you'd never even heard of the player before last night, now he's going to save your season!!

    my posts are in depth coz they cut straight through your bullsh*t gillian.

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    • "you'd never even heard of the player before last night" - dead right, because, to quote Gilly, "Scuse my ignorance but where's Monreal??".

      To be honest I bet most people had not heard of him before last night.

    • Oh I'm really upset now, I could have sworn I mentioned that, I hadn't heard of Monreal; No?

      Ohhh! Yes! Thank God! Here it is.

      "Anyway, I wouldn't know about this Monreal, but from what I read on him, he knows his stuff, and is very good in that position, and has been for a number of years for Spain".

      I guess that puts paid to that then piggy. Oh! Wait a minute, perhaps it was gilly who posted that. Gosh, I hadn't thought of that. Oh I do feel a fool. Especially when I should have recognised 'her' cryptic 'WOW'. Walcott - Oxlade - Wiltshire???
      No?? Oh well, you and your bossom buddy EriKK, may catch up on here one day. At the moment, I'm afraid you are both way too slow to warrant anymore consideration from the more blessed on here. Tah Tah........>>>>>>>>>