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  • Raider Raider Feb 2, 2013 11:21 Flag

    Is this a fair reflection on our tranfer activities?

    Wenger is everything a clubs board would want in a manager, he makes the CL every season, he makes them money, he doesn't bad mouth them, he is very secretive and he takes the flack for them.

    I just can't see him being replaced, unless it's his wish!

    I think we are all disapointed we didn't bring in more players to help fight for that 3/4th spot and whilst Nacho Man seems like a very good addition we will still see Per Merts in the middle of the park, and on his present form is bloody worrying.

    If Arsen doesn't bring in these hi quality players in the summer after giving the word he has the money to spend but just not the right time, then he will be absolutely slaughtered and even the faithful will turn of which I'm sure!