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  • JamesB JamesB Feb 2, 2013 11:26 Flag


    Hello!!?? Bleck Ops is back and piggys no where to be seen!! Well then, there now, thats very strange. Is there a stony silence on here??

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    • Looks like you really have him on the run dodge. Him and his replicant Rikki.....I'm not fooled so easily either.
      Wasn't that a good result against(as you pointed out) those basturds Stoke? I cant wait for Blackburn. That should be a romp in the park. Say helo to the boys at The welll hung gun for me. Just loved that picture you mentioned of AW behindthe bar. I thought you were kidding.AndCliff Holton was an old centre forward for Arsenal years ago with Doug Lishman, Jimmy Logie, and Joe Mercer the Captain I think. All Pretty good too. And Holton had aWicked shot, asyou said. But no good talking to about that to a lot on here. May as well be talking Greek, for all they know about Arsenal.
      Dont let the blockheads get you down mate. They would have been in with that lot that did Julius Ceasar.:)))

    • tut tut theres me thinking you have returned to 'legitimate footballing posts' and all the time you are searching out me and butch for some self flagellation!

      you dirty old man