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  • JamesB JamesB Feb 2, 2013 19:55 Flag

    Repulsive Poulis.........

    ...I guess his tactics didn't work. And now SAF will be most annoyed with him(no sharing a bottle of wine tonight). I'm not too sure whose side the Ref. was on but it wasn't us. It was almost as though he had taken a bung from Poulis. How did he not see what was going on? Stoke were there only to park a bus in the goalmouth, and if possible, cripple. How Wenger or someone from the crowd, didn't go and head butt Poulis, I dont know.
    However, 1 was enough, and should have been 10. Our keeper, took out a flask of tea, and biscuits, in the second half. What did please me about the boys was, they kept their shape, and their composure, under extreme intimidation. Stoke with 'who owns me' Owen, Poulis's 'thug' Shawcross, and 'stretch' Crouch, were pathetic. Waxwork dummys, having rings run round them.

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    • You're right Gillian, Fergie will be kicking himself that Poulis couldn't do him a favour of taking points of you, Francenal, our almost nearest rivals (in 6th is it?!), a measly 21 POINTS behind us!

      MOST disconcerting, I mean, you could so easily close the gap with all the quality you possess!


      No seriously, I did actually laugh at your post this morning! :)

    • If there is anything positive about the current squad it appears to be the 'never give up' lately. Quite a few times in the past we would have settled for the stalemate; but these lot they keep at it. Now there is not much left to do than to get behind our team and hope for the best.