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  • John John Feb 3, 2013 23:06 Flag

    Fair reflection....? NO

    Some people need to realise that just because their opinion doesn't match your own, it does not give you licence to dismiss it.

    Either provide a valid argument or shut the fuck up.

    FFS when will you realise this is a discussion board and not a forum for you to simply push your own drunken agenda.

    This is boring now. Hence the reason why I have limited my posting here.

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    • And his 'opinion'?? 'Kroenke doesn't give a shit.' To which I think, I gave him MY opinion. My point? The one calling himself 'gooneribe', never has an opinion as such. All he does on here is bellyache about Arsenal and AW(sound familiar?) and doesn't have any idea of whats involved within Arsenal. So I was putting him straight on a few of the details involved; ie THE REALITY in change. I also take it my post must have struck a cord, otherwise why the abuse? Now if you have finished with the abuse John, go to bed and get sober for the morning. Or dont drive. And before I finish with you, don't expect a reply again to whatever you post in reply, unless you are prepared to keep a civil tongue in your head. Otherwise, have a good life, sober.