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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Feb 5, 2013 18:18 Flag

    Great article on on Arsenal fans

    'Great article'?

    Maybe if you are blinkered beyond belief.

    The first few paragraphs were enough.

    The writer asssumes that anyone pro-Wenger is so through 'blind loyalty'. What a load of bollocks!!!! Show me an Arsenal fan, come to think of it ANY fan that would keep a manager in his job through 'blind loyalty'. Fact is those that are more pro-Wenger hold that view because of what the guy continues to do at Arsenal and NOT because of what he has achieved in the past.

    'Arsenal are not a winning club, despite having the resources to do so. '

    Oh.....so Arsenal can compete/have been able, to compete on a (financial) level playing field (excuse pun) with Chelski and ManU and City can they/have they????

    News to me!!!!

    '..sick of the riddles in press conferences, the talking up of players like Gervinho, the infuriating lines that Abou Diaby will be “like a new signing.” '

    Hmmmmmm....Gervinho, started well then left for the ACN in December 2011, returning in February 2012 after his side reached the final, losing on penalties. Wenger commented at the time that Gervinho was suffering from fatigue.

    Season 2012-2013, appearances have been sporadic with periods of injury,9 Prem starts and 3 goals. Now away, at the ACN.

    Diaby......looked pretty damned good to me against Stoke at the weekend. His second back after injury?

    'A lot of people don’t like reading things like this, and that’s fine – cover your ears and close your eyes. But don’t belittle others who aren’t afraid to go against the grain.'


    Sounds like a United fan on another wind up wrote that article. Still, Marintii has always had a strange fondness for United fans, has he not?

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    • Says the palace fan, lips firmly attached to wengers buttocks.
      I enjoyed your attempt at a rebuttal, which surmounted to just a bunch of feeble (and BS) excuses.
      'What he continues to do at the club', is fall well short of what the clubs capable, only those 'blinkered beyond belief' would dare argue otherwise anymore.
      'Blind loyalty indeed'.
      Still, someone has to catch on last.