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  • Inter city Inter city Feb 5, 2013 18:31 Flag

    Great article on on Arsenal fans

    Says the palace fan, lips firmly attached to wengers buttocks.
    I enjoyed your attempt at a rebuttal, which surmounted to just a bunch of feeble (and BS) excuses.
    'What he continues to do at the club', is fall well short of what the clubs capable, only those 'blinkered beyond belief' would dare argue otherwise anymore.
    'Blind loyalty indeed'.
    Still, someone has to catch on last.

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    • Inter City Jibberish = Moaning Muppet Marinti. A couple of head bangers, with little, or nothing new to say. Every week, come rain, or sun, or a win for Arsenal, he's here, bellyaching about a team he has never bothered to go and support. How do I know that? You only have to read him to notice that its all clips from newspapers and internet, or MOTD he's watching, containing another couple of old head bangers, in Shearer and Lineker, whose opinions are just as sterile as yours Mary.

    • And as if by magic........a glory supporting wound up friend of Marintii comes blundering in, spouting complete nonsense.

      • 1 Reply to FABONGRASSS
      • Considering I have never spoken with Marinitii or as far as Im aware, any other arsenal fan here, thats a bit of a childish thing to say. But thats fabongrass, a child.
        You're like the little schoolgirl who accuses you of liking someone else, when they like you all along. Its no wonder you're taken the p1ss out of daily on every yahoo board.
        Arsenal have gone so far backwards the past 8 years and yet they are financially better off than everyone bar City and Chelsea, proven with wengers £45m panic buy session after we put your lambs to the slaughter 8-2.
        Fans like you need to grow up, you're not the 'biggest bestest' fan in the world, you just refuse to acknowledge your deficiencies and try to bully others that do, which makes you delusional and immature.