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    • Why would i not agree with Piers on that matter? How could ANYONE not agree with Piers on that matter FFS!?!?!

      Yeah....you really have me over a barrell.

      Oh for your intellect huh!?!?!?


    • ''If you are refering to the 'thread I started on the utd board' agreeing with' Piers comment about Rooney on Twitter''

      yes that the one pixie. thanks for saving me the trouble of digging that out hahahahahah you plank!


      I love the way I only have to click my fingers and you are running around doing my bidding!

      hows it go again? oh thats right


    • PS. 'What is wrong with wanting Greg Rusedski in charge at Arsenal'?



    • Liking your new signature John. Most apt!

      What formation will hero Greg be wanting Arsenal to play tonight BTW? Perhaps you could mail it to someone of lesser knowledge, running things, at Arsenal!


    • Hmmm....care to provide a link to the thread where i believe everyone should 'bow to the opinion of Piers Morgan'???

      If you are refering to the fact that i chuckled heartily at Piers comment to Rooney on Twitter that he is now the 'second best striker at United', that has PROVEN to be correct, has it not!?!?!

      OWNED???? I don't have to make it up.


      Much SMUG love INDEEEEEED!

    • I knew somebody would object......Pixie was high on that list too.


    • whats wrong with quoting Greg Rusedski pixie?

      you've started threads where you expect everyone to bow to the opinion of Piers Morgan FFS!

      OWNED! you couldn't make it up!

      much smug love i tell thee.

    • Oh dear....John seems to think that winning some tin pot second rate cup is better than competing in the CL year after year and is throwing his toys out of the pram because of it FFS!!

      Why have the owners allowed it!?!?!?

      It's nothing to do with 'allowing it' FFS

      Mind you, i bet he's got a second rate washed up canadian tennis player to back up his view!!!


    • It serves to re-emphasise the fact that we have been subjected to so many false dawns, it really is only the AKB's that continue to hold AW in such high regard as to follow blindly. I continue to support the club and team, in the knowledge that unless something radical changes we will continue to go backwards.

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      • I continue to support the Arsenal that I knew, the Arsenal that we were.

        If you look at the individual components of what makes up a club: Fans, Owner, players, manager, history, it is really mainly the history, the distant history that stands out.

        The Owner is nothing to be proud of or to identify with and the main reason for our continued backward spiral.

        The manager who would not even be employed by any other owner in football today if he had failed to deliver for them for 8 years and only survives because of a bottom line driven owner with no other ambition than sucking the fans dry for his own benefit and relatively docile fans incapable of organizing themselves well enough to force change.

        The players, we have a decent squad with some technically gifted players but for me this is not and Arsenal squad and it hard to identify with such weak characters. Only Wilshire and maybe Podolski has a character in line with what I associate with Arsenal.

        Cazorla, Walcott, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Mert, Ramsey, Gervinho, Giroud, as gifted as (some) they might be, they lack that bit of character, mean streak and "over my dead body" mentality I associate with Arsenal.

        As I said the only 2 players we have who you know will not allow themselves to be pushed around are Wilshire and Podolski. And the only player who seems to die every time we lose seems to be Wilshire.

      • Writes John.....whilst not even knowing himself what the f*ck he is talking about.

    • 'Great article'?

      Maybe if you are blinkered beyond belief.

      The first few paragraphs were enough.

      The writer asssumes that anyone pro-Wenger is so through 'blind loyalty'. What a load of bollocks!!!! Show me an Arsenal fan, come to think of it ANY fan that would keep a manager in his job through 'blind loyalty'. Fact is those that are more pro-Wenger hold that view because of what the guy continues to do at Arsenal and NOT because of what he has achieved in the past.

      'Arsenal are not a winning club, despite having the resources to do so. '

      Oh.....so Arsenal can compete/have been able, to compete on a (financial) level playing field (excuse pun) with Chelski and ManU and City can they/have they????

      News to me!!!!

      '..sick of the riddles in press conferences, the talking up of players like Gervinho, the infuriating lines that Abou Diaby will be “like a new signing.” '

      Hmmmmmm....Gervinho, started well then left for the ACN in December 2011, returning in February 2012 after his side reached the final, losing on penalties. Wenger commented at the time that Gervinho was suffering from fatigue.

      Season 2012-2013, appearances have been sporadic with periods of injury,9 Prem starts and 3 goals. Now away, at the ACN.

      Diaby......looked pretty damned good to me against Stoke at the weekend. His second back after injury?

      'A lot of people don’t like reading things like this, and that’s fine – cover your ears and close your eyes. But don’t belittle others who aren’t afraid to go against the grain.'


      Sounds like a United fan on another wind up wrote that article. Still, Marintii has always had a strange fondness for United fans, has he not?