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    There but for the grace.....

    On The Jibes of The Ill Informed.

    "At its highest levels, football throws absurd money at largely uneducated men, who are plucked straight from school before being plunged into an unnatural existence. There is no real grounding on how to handle such nonsensical sums of money or the phony fleeting fanaticism that accompanies the wage packet.

    Gascoigne should be pitied. Like we are all only one step away from being homeless, many of us are not too far off turning to the bottle with monotonous regularity. Gascoigne is only exceptional because of who he was and where he fell from.

    Many will point out that it is all self-inflicted, and that as a former footballer who beat his wife in the past, he deserves little sympathy or preferential treatment, but this is too simplistic.

    There but for the grace of God, go I. Detractors fail to recognise the disease that Gascoigne suffers from, and the defeatist pall which accompanies life as a chronic alcoholic.

    > Football has failed Gascoigne, but a society which encourages young men to be handed grotesque wages for kicking a ball around should also be sworn in <

    If there is something to take from Gascoigne's plight, it is found in the pitfalls of looking back. Living in the past is a dangerous business in a society that does not seem to care for much. One suspects Gazza has spent plenty of time with his gin and lager poring over what he once was".

    Desmond Kane - Euro Sport.

    How does it go. Hic?
    It is only a coward who would mock the afflicted.

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    • Gazza has an addictive personality. It could have been anything. Drink, Drugs, Pies or Pussy. He had the money to get help but chose not to get it. He had people who were there to help, but he chose to associate with the ones who were no good for him.

      Much the same as the drunken gheyers you hang out with at the Well Hung Gun.


      (There you go. It's not as if you weren't expecting it now was it?)