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  • Jacks Jacks Feb 7, 2013 18:26 Flag

    Wiltshire Walcott??

    Well now piggy. First of all I think I was writing about this season. And yes I recognise SAF's input to the hall of fame. No one can deny that. A fool if they do. However, if I was to go back I'm sure I too could find a few results against ManU. when we knocked three kinds of s...t out of them. And in the process went a whole season undefeated. Oh! And that was without Robin Vain Percil. Now down to serious business. If you are not the wretched Rik the tea leaf, and I have reason to believe you are not(too consistent for one) How the hell do you go about proving it? Its all about timing you see. Rikkity cant post without giving away his time zone(though he has been known to stay up 'til all hours to prove that wrong) but his writing becomes a bit blurred with that. And he usually conks out before he can answer. So you see the problem we have. Fab for example is transparent, as I am, and we make no bones about it; name calling and all, it makes no difference to us. If people choose to believe something about us, then so be it. Their loss is never knowing one way or another. Part of life on here. But some cannot accept that, and continue to wrestle with themselves in some kind of nether land(or should I say ether land). So work it out.. And please, please change the name piggy m