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  • Raider Raider Feb 7, 2013 15:41 Flag

    Capoue to the Emirates

    Firstly, well done to Theo and Jack, great performance against Brasil, well done!

    Now the rumours of Arsen going in for Capoue are raising its head again and we have only just closed the window.

    I have looked at videos of this fella and he looks a bit tasty in the challenge and has good technical ability.

    I hope something comes of this as he would be a good addition.

    If you get a chance check him out:

    I think Arsenal are only a few players away from being a force again that can seriously challenge and we have to look at this season as the start of the beginning and not the end or an era.

    Nachos looks tasty (jalapeno and cheese please) and Walcot and Jack are doing their thing and things in general are getting better, they just need to believe and play without shackles or fear!

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    • Capoue or someone of the same ilk will be a much needed addition. If we can get CBs who can attack the ball, esp on set pieces; we will be much better defensively. And of course if we get rid of all the deadwood and bring in useful replacements, then we can possibly challenge. Or at the very least better than we are right now.

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      • Lopez, Benteke, Jovetic and everyones favourite player is now being linked to Arsenal which is crazy, who's making theis crap up.

        No sooner does the window shut and the rumours start again about players coming to the Emirates.

        I doubt Wenger knows what he's doing let alone the media so for all these supporters that get over excited about players coming in, and I'm one of them,,,,chill out, we have a long way to go before we can start to cream our pants!

        And yes, I know the article is about Capoue to the Emirates but its more about the type of player we need and he fits the bill, but chances are he will end up at Newcastle... because they just don't have enough french speaking players.