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  • Raider Raider Feb 8, 2013 13:57 Flag

    How Bloody Much?

    Just been looking on talk sport and they have published some figures that shows the premier leagues biggest ever spenders, have a look.

    1st Chelsea - 1000 Mil
    2nd Man City - 742 Mil
    3rd Liverpool - 725 Mil
    4th Man Utd - 670 Mil
    5th Spurs - 620 Mil

    6th Arsenal - 475 Mil
    7th Newcastle - 467 Mil
    8th Aston Villa - 366 Mil
    9th Everton - 301 Mil
    10th Sunderland 297 Mil

    And who says money doesn't buy you trophies (unless your Spurs that is)

    There is a big jump from the top 5 spenders to the next level of spending which Arsenal are in.

    I suspect that many will say that our position is reflective in our spending and others will say that we have done well over the years to end up where we are considering the outlay.

    One thing is for sure, if you want to win things you need to buy the best players and don't rely on nurturing a team through as it just doesn't pay.

    When you look at Utd, you can see that Ferguson has been canny as he has not just spent but spent wisely. he's spent a third less then chelsea but achieved so much more.

    Wenger, pull your socks up boy and start taking note, quality needed above all else..