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  • JamesB JamesB Feb 13, 2013 14:11 Flag

    Arsenal more than......?

    Ha ha ha! Oh dear rikki You are a sucker for the one in the nuptials aren't you?
    If you weren't living outback yonder of anywhere, you would have read yesterdays(probably just reached you there) comments by Arsene Wenger on the Celtic V Juventus game, you would have seen(or noticed) that it was a quote from that article on here, for Yahooo sport, "that Celtic are etc.etc......" that I was quoting. Are you with me rikki altree?
    Hello!!! Is anyone out there???
    I know old spud. Its hard living in the Colonies unable to communicate WITH ANYONE BUT ME!!!! Oh BTW you will remember to check that quote wont you???? I know, you feel silly now....ha ha ha ha ! Its tough getting that first drink down your neck, 'til the shakes go isn't it? Oh I'm in such a drunken rage, I could smash a packet of crisps.ha ha ha!

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    • You have no idea what a paradox is, Gillian, no idea at all!

      This is what you said, "Arsenal are a 'paradox' they are more than the sum of their parts and they have something special."

      Never mind where the quote came from, or who said it, YOU claim it's a paradox, when it isn't!

      You thought you were clever, for the past few days you've been learning a new word and adding it to a post, this time you found the word 'paradox', but completely misunderstand the meaning.