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  • Jacks Jacks Feb 14, 2013 00:04 Flag

    Arsenal more than......?

    Oh look how he squirms, with a little help from the bald badger John. Two numptys rolling together in the sack.
    Oh and BTW did you check the AW quote both of you??? No I didnt think so. Embarrassing isnt it? Well, time to call it a day. In your cases, its time to call the turnip in the house up to bed. Night night lumps, and turnips.
    Oh I forgot. The next time you meet your Willy, John, can you bend over and ask him to look and see if your hats on straight. Ha Ha ! Ha! Ha!.Oh dear oh dear!........ring my bell end Rikkety.
    Dont you just love that Gillian. Aren't you getting any then?