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  • JamesB JamesB Feb 12, 2013 23:08 Flag

    Arsenal more than......?

    Arsenal are a 'paradox'(look that one up for me John. Im not too sure) – they are more than the sum of their parts and they have something special. Which Bayern are going to find out.
    Night night...

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    • James,

      What is so special about Arsenal at the mo? Are you really any more special than the teams from 3-6? if so how?

      Have you seen the type of form Bayern are in? if you get anything from this game, it will be special!


    • haha brain of Colorado

      I bet that competition only had 3 entrants and 2 of them lived in Kansas!

    • Keep squirming, GILLIAN .... hic!!

      So explain how "they are more than the sum of their parts" is 'seemingly absurd'???

      Come on, brain of Colorado, answer the question!



    • Oh look how he squirms, with a little help from the bald badger John. Two numptys rolling together in the sack.
      Oh and BTW did you check the AW quote both of you??? No I didnt think so. Embarrassing isnt it? Well, time to call it a day. In your cases, its time to call the turnip in the house up to bed. Night night lumps, and turnips.
      Oh I forgot. The next time you meet your Willy, John, can you bend over and ask him to look and see if your hats on straight. Ha Ha ! Ha! Ha!.Oh dear oh dear!........ring my bell end Rikkety.
      Dont you just love that Gillian. Aren't you getting any then?

    • Maybe Ducati thinks Arsenal are like the Ship of Theseus Paradox?

      He would be delusional of course.

    • "Then why didn't I just look it up if thats the case."

      Why didn't YOU look it up .... YOU???

      Don't tell me you're Gillian!!

      As expected though, GILLIAN, you haven't explained how that's a paradox.

      "But how does "seemingly absurd though perhaps actually well founded statement""

      So explain how "they are more than the sum of their parts" is 'seemingly absurd'???

      Your manager has as tenuous a grasp of the English language as you, GILLIAN, and it's fucking hilarious that you and Pixie fell for it!!


    • OH! I see. I had no idea. rikki. Nice try, though I understand how you feel about being made look a real chump. PARADOX my arse. Then why didn't I just look it up if thats the case. Surely. No rikki you dropped a bollock and now you are trying to .......yep you guest it...SQUIRM(to wriggle,writhe; show or feel embarrassment or discomfort. 2 a squirming movement) out of it. Back to the drawing board rikki old spud. Or better still back to bed to SQUIRM how you're going to get out of this one. OH! & BTW. PARADOX ERRmmmmmm! I'm not sure. But how does "seemingly absurd though perhaps actually well founded statement". And please dont confuse that with PARAPORT, thats a good, old, Aussie Port isnt it. Something you might be familiar with. More than likely. Keep squirming rikki. Was that one lump ot two????

    • Writes 'Thick Rikk', he who wrongly used 'thats', and then argued incorrectly (and HILARIOUSLY!) that he was correct, and that it was 'common usage'.

      Oh how we LAUGHED!

      'Thick Rikk' then immediately went into hiding.

      Oh how we LAUGHED even more!!!


      (common usage)

    • Hahaha!!

      You have NO IDEA what a paradox is, Gillian, next time you look up a new word, try to understand it better!