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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Feb 14, 2013 20:57 Flag

    'Spuds' Altree This is your life'

    Just a few short weeks ago, Spuds(thats what he's known as in Cairns.Something to do with always having holes in his socks) arse, was hanging out being kicked from dawn 'til dusk by the people who know all about Rick Altree and his OMG! life in Australia, his service in the SAS before being seconded to The Navy Seals, and decorated for having the best well slapped arse on R & R. Then was sent in to bring down some very violent Leeds fans, on leave in the UK, and got a Purple heart for wounds in the shape of head butts received in combat, suffering a shattered nose and pride. What a life! Hollywood beckons next. After the Cairns Festival of Log of log and tree loppin.
    Me. I'm of to the Kiama 7's this year Rikki. Hope to see you put in a performance there. I played for The Galloping Greens (thats Randwick to you) with the Ella brothers around the 70's & 80's when Artie Beetson a mate was playing for Easts in Sydney. Now there was a life. We won the Kiama 7's I cant remember how many times. I know we won it around '76. Must have been cos '77 was abandoned. Then again in '78 & '79. Happy days!! Faced with that Rikki you haven't had much of life out there have you?? Must be galling to know that your life could have been so much better, but for your piss arse attitude to everyone, and everything that offends you. And judging by that, there's not much that doesn't.
    Time to go. Springs on the way and its back to the good times. You remember them Rick. The ones you used to have in The Old Dart.

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