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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Feb 18, 2013 12:49 Flag

    New 2 yr deal for Arsene!


    Nice to know those actually running the club have far more good sense than the so called 'Gooners' that use this (or rather the old) board.

    Much SMUG love.

    Fab (still)..........KNOWS!

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    • Crystal Palace's 'Number ONE fan' is at it again, desperately trying to prove he's also the number one gooner in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!


      I hope these HILARIOUS rumours turn out to be true, I really do Pixie Poof....Long may the Francenal circus act remain in town!

      21 points (clear of you) SMUGNESS!!!!

    • Fab, I was planning to asking your feelings and opinions on the current goings on at the Emirates, it seems you are standing as strong as ever, have your views wavered at all?

      Losing the Blackburn hasn't triggered a change of heart?

      Wengers reaction to one reporter specifically, hasn't made you question your support of him at all?

      This is hypothetical, as you are clearly a massive goon, but if you can step back for a few moments, would you expect another manger to get a contract extension after 7-8 years without a trophy? or do you class the 4th spot as a trophy? Does Wenger really deserve a new contract?

      What do you think is the likely outcome of the Bayern game? They are in exceptional form, I believe they have only conceeded 6 goals all season. Theres little doubt your goons have the potential to beat most teams on their day, the issue is your days seem to be fewer and further between. Your goons do seem to be able to raise themselves for big games and this is a huge one, so you never know.

      Also remember, there is still an awful lot of football left to play, so don't go jumping out of any windows just yet, you are only 4 points behing my beloved Spurs and 5 points behind 3rd placed Chelsea, things could be worse, but the days of you challenging for a title are a fading memory (thankfully). The saliva enducing (best derby in the country) north london derby is fast approcahing, how do you fancy your chances?

      I reckon we'll knick it, 2-1 Bale scoring the winner, does anyone know why Wenger never signed Bale? apparently he was offered at the same time you bought Walcott!

      IMO Bayern will win 2-0 in the first leg, 3-1 in the second- soz!

      So many juicy questions for you to pondeer! ...........its alright, you may thank me later!

      You know its coming.......................



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      • Hi Joe

        Yes i am 100% behind Wenger still,the loss at Blackburn changes nothing, Wenger is still top quality. If you look at his record of losing against lower division sides i think you'll find it is an extremely rare occurrence. Ferguson has lost in the same manner has he not? Wenger, while indeed trophyless in recent years, has delivered top quality teams consistently. Top four unceasingly. Arsenal have reached the last 8 of the CL many times, that is a very elite club surely?

        I've read the full transcript of the interview yesterday, it is published in The Guardian, and i think it's yet another case of the press going overboard and looking for the sensationalist headline,out of nothing.

        Outcome of the Bayern game? Bayern are favourite. Only time will tell who will win. Are Arsenal capable of winning? Naturally.

        Derby game against Spurs? Hmmm.....don't know Joe. How many has each team scored in say, the last couple of meetings?

        Will Arsenal finish in 4th? Lord knows. I certainly hope so. Firts time for everything if they don't though huh?
        If Arsenal do not finish 4th, then maybe all the so called Gooners that berate him so easily these days will recognise the true value of finishing in the top four.

        Why no sign Bale? I suppose it's worth a try, after all, Arsenal have signed the Spurs captain and best player before now have they not? BTW, i seem to remember Bale only made it into the Spurs side because Harrys hand was forced through injury!!! Before that Bale had been berated by Spurs fans as i recall.

        A question for you Joe.....can Spurs last being so reliant on one player?


    • You're such an arse Flabby. So you're all for the philosophy of rewarding failure are you? Well let's just hope that Bayern don't stuff us tomorrow, otherwise the inept board will tack another 5 years on Wenger's contract.

      I wish I could earn £7 million a year for failing.