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  • United do rule United do rule Feb 20, 2013 07:20 Flag

    Wakey-wakey Wenger!

    If United are poor, the other 19 clubs below must be terrible. Is that what you are saying ?

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    • Slayer will never give credit to United, no matter what. If United are running away with the league it's because the rest are so poor. I mean, the same's happening in Germany. Bayern must be poor but the rest must be absolute #$%$ by his logic.

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      • Contrary to your belief, I always give credit where due.

        Yes, both Barcelona and Bayern Munich are running away with the title in their respective leagues but I'm sure you're not daft to see the excellent football they have played to get to where they are in their leagues and the technical abilities of their players this season. These are things sorely lacking in any of Man U's performance this season, ffs even relegation fodder like Southampton played Man U off the Old Trafford park recently. Go on pretending and deluding yourself that you've got a great side there at OT.

    • Exactly, Ian.
      Just an example, look how poor City and Chelsea are. Both teams can't even get out of their respective CL group stages this season, while Arsenal were beaten at home by a midtable Schalke side and only managed to get out of our group because the other two teams (Olympiacos and Montpellier) are even poorer.