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  • Jacks Jacks Feb 20, 2013 23:26 Flag

    Not only Arsenal

    Seems its not only Arsenal who get beaten by a 'superior' side. But Barca go down by 2 goals as well, to a far 'inferior' side. I wonder if the press are going scream for their managers job, as they have done relentlessly for Arsene Wenger. Seems that he is right in calling the low life hacks, hysteria mongers, and printers of unconfirmed, rubbish, and false information. In fact lies.

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    • Barcelona are top of their league, play the best football in the world, are favourites for every competition they enter, and despite losing away, will probably see them off at Camp Nou.
      Slight difference from the ever worsening arsenal who lost to league 2 side Bradford and mid table championship side Blackburn, not to mention have gone 9 years without a trophy, have no chance of ever winning the title again with the mediocre players you possess, and have frankly been an embarrassment in europe this season.
      You'll probably be a europa cup side next season.
      The only lies are the ones you keep telling yourself, and probably the ones about wenger spending a massive war chest in the next window. Theyve been saying that line for quite a few years!