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  • Ramsay is not worth his place

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    • This true but he is not alone in that by a long shot.

      The only players that might be worth their place for PL games are:

      Vermaelen (when played in the middle - not as a LB)
      Arteta - can not be said to be spectacular but has enough experience in the PL to be solid most of the time.
      Wilshire - needs no comment
      Cazorla - Not when played as a left winger like against bayern but is good enough in the PL in the center.
      Podolski - Is good enough most of the time but not world class
      Theo - Is probably more useful on the left wing because he has yet to learn to be a central striker.

      At CL level I think only Wilshire and Podolsi earn their place.

      All other players are liabilities some or all of the time.

      Have not seen enough of Nacho but hope and think he might be solid.

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      • You need to go get a Vindalo Gov. and rethink your post. Leaving out the other top three, who else do you think has a team where most of their players are worth their place. Not many I'd think. But I bet there are a few of them that wouldn't mind some of our players you mention(in your profound knowledge of football)as being not worth their place. What do you really know, outside of what you read??Thats as good a team you will find in the PL and very capable of beating anyone.