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  • I am always ready for some stupid comments John...

    In this case I have to agree with you that the win against Villa, no matter how meaningful and important is no indication we have a chance against Bayern. We don't have a chance against Bayern, other than a paper chance.

    Having said this the win against Vila was big IMO. Many a team have slipped up this season against smaller teams. As an example Chelsea lost to QPR!!!! Given that this Arsenal team makes every game a stress full experience, and more or less every win a 50-50 thing, this result against Vila was massive.

    For me the bummer was that Wenger continues to field teams with only one winger, making us so easy to defend against. We have seen Ramsey and Carzorla deployed on the outside whilst neither knows how to play that position and both drift inside. This leaves only the other the other two-thirds of the pitch as a concern to opposing defenses. Why we started Podolski on the bench I don't know but with a weeks rest before the Spurs game, it seems to me we should have started with Walcott and Podolski on the wings, not just Walcott (I don't count Ramsey).

    Poor tactics. I would think if we don't start against Spurs with two wingers in Podolski and Walcott we will get handled for sure.

    Great that City won.

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    • We can all be pointed at when it comes to stupid comments. Comparing our win at Villa to the prospect of beating Bayern would be ridiculous though.

      The team seems to be filled with central midfield players, all playing different roles. Wilshere, Cazorla, Diaby, Arteta. Rosicky & Arshavin, who can play wing are not up to scratch. Walcott & Ox are now listed as strikers. Gervinho is useless. Pod plays better in a 4-4-2. Giroud in a 4-4-1-1 or a 4-3-3. Coquelin is our only DM.

      Wenger seems to have played and developed a team of players who do not have strict positions on the pitch. This is a huge problem in my book as I don't think they are intelligent enough to learn the rules for more than one position. Footballers in general are a bit thick.

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      • "Gervinho is useless" - but, according to Pixie, he's still bedding in. After all, he's only made 50+ appearances for Arsenal.

      • Aren't you being just a little unfair with some of your remarks John? "Footballers in general are a bit thick"? "Some" I can accept, but "in general" smacks of 'I know better the AW. And I also think there are footballers out there who may very well take exception to your remark. Its all very well sitting at home, without any experience whatsoever, of football management, spouting your opnions. But a completely different thing all together having to get out there and do it. I doubt very much John you would last 5 minutes under the pressure AW has to face everyday. You get up in the morning and think how your day is going to go, and plan for it without any fear of being contradicted. The other side of the world out there is very different. More especially in the world of Pro Football.You can at the very least, show a little more respect for that, if nothing else.