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  • Aren't you being just a little unfair with some of your remarks John? "Footballers in general are a bit thick"? "Some" I can accept, but "in general" smacks of 'I know better the AW. And I also think there are footballers out there who may very well take exception to your remark. Its all very well sitting at home, without any experience whatsoever, of football management, spouting your opnions. But a completely different thing all together having to get out there and do it. I doubt very much John you would last 5 minutes under the pressure AW has to face everyday. You get up in the morning and think how your day is going to go, and plan for it without any fear of being contradicted. The other side of the world out there is very different. More especially in the world of Pro Football.You can at the very least, show a little more respect for that, if nothing else.

    • Hi James,

      Sorry if my comment met with your disapproval. I wasn't suggesting that Wenger was thick, or that every footballer was, merely that when you consider what we read on a regular basis about a lot of footballers, it doesn't surprise me when they do stupid things.

      I have never professed to knowing better than AW, merely that when you consider all that has been said, that there must be some managers out there that do know better. The world of football has moved on in the last ten years. I'm not sure Wenger has.

    • Indeed, and all the while John sits in the stands and 'Boos' the team he is supposedly 'supporting' whilst pouring scorn upon anyone with a more positive view.

      Still, John knows best.