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  • JamesB JamesB Feb 27, 2013 23:08 Flag

    Team evaluation and why we are not competing.

    Hi Raider, I'm sorry, but reading your posts leaves me feeling that you think too much. Especially about all the players you mention. Alright, this season once again isn't going well, but you have to accept these things, supporting a football team. And if you dont then your expectations are going to continue to haunt your weekends, and (from the sound of you) increase your misery. Try and hope for the best, and prepare for the worst, as far as Arsenal are concerned. You may get by that way. These ( not so bad) times will pass. That's a certainty we can rely on. I cannot see us winning at WHL. But then, I remember thinking we didn't have a chance of pinching the League tittle from Liverpool on the last game of the season and away to them. Did you?? So stop evaluating and start believing.

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