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    Team evaluation and why we are not competing.

    I have been looking at our squad in detail and I have tried to break it down in to 4 categories, Exceptional, Very Good, Good and Average and the worrying thing is we only have 2 players in the exceptional category.

    Now this is only my opinion and many will disagree but one thing is for sure our defence stands out as good at best.

    See if you agree with my opinion?


    Very good

    Per Mertesaker


    You will see that I have put Diaby and Rozicky in the v good category just because on the odd occasion they are not crocked they are pretty tastey when they turn it on.

    To be a top side challenging for honours you can only carry a couple of average players and that would probably be ones in development, IE: young guns coming through

    You could probably have a few in the Good category but without question all your defence should be in the very good to exceptional category and that include your keeper too!

    Wenger now need to buy at least 2 players that sit in the exceptional category which will cost around 60 million plus and 2 players that sit in the v good category which will cost another 30 to 40 million.

    I just don't see this supposedly war chest of 70 million stretching that far so its likely to take another 2 seasons of moaning from us and investment of 100 million just to start to look like we are competing with the big boys.

    I think Ian Wright was a little bit off with the 200 million mark unless he wants to buy Ronaldo and Iniesta for Arsenal! Now that's what I call a rumour.........

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    • I think, obviously, our problems are a combination of our squad being too average compared to the teams ahead of us AND the poor coaching and tactics. It is hard for me to believe that this squad under Moureen or any half decent manager could not learn to eliminate some of the recurring defensive errors. The poor defending is not going to improve that much by only buying better defenders. The manager needs, and thus far has failed, to address some of our defensive errors in training.

      Tactically you can not expect to trouble too many teams with fielding Ramsey or Cazorla on the wings. They don't master that position. They always drift inside and hardly ever make it to the back line.

      The two positions we could have an immediate impact would be a top striker and a top keeper.

      The Pole gets beaten too often from outside the box. I don't think he has the footwork or reflexes needed. I was a big fan of him and still think he is our best keeper but he is not good enough.

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      • IMHO we need to #$%$ whom among the current players would get into the side that Wenger inherited from Rioch. Me think that apart from Wilshere, Walcott and may be Cazorla no one would make it into that team with Poldi and Verm may be on the bench. This is how badly we have regressed. The question is how did this happen? In my mind only one person is responsible for this and the blame rests firmly at Wenger's door.

    • You could break it down into two simple categories.

      1. Good enough.
      2. Not good enough.

      Players do change between categories too. Depends on how they have been playing and where they have been playing. Think about two players who got a lot better than many gave them credit for. Song & RVP. Then you have two great players who didn't live up to expectation at Arsenal. Arshavin & Wiltord.

      There are no hard and fast rules. What we need are players that have a positive effect on the team because they are natural winners. Maybe then some of the skill and expertise of our younger players will develop beyond it's current levels.

    • I haven't time to answer at length but IMO you are judging players whilst they are out of form and low on confidence. When all you have is that to judge from then it is easy to form the wrong opinion of a player, granted.

      That said, how many teams actually have players of 'exceptional' quality? And how many within one teams ranks? Not many i bet. And those players that are are massively sought after.

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      • I agree about form fluctuating just look at Vermaelan, one minute he is top draw and then he has a nightmare but the difference is, quality players only have off days once in a while.

        If you look at Utd they have at least 4 players who would fall in to that category and the same can be said for City, Aquero, Kompany, Hart, Silva, Tevez, etc.
        Because of these game changers they will always challenge for trophies and I think Arsenal need some game changers other then just Wilshere and Cazorla.

        I hate saying this because it breaks my heart but Arsenal are a really good team but we aint great but we could be with the right additions.

        If we just had quality in defence things might be better then they are now, I was excited about Merts coming to Arsenal as I had seen him play in Germany but even he didn't work out, the game is just to fast for him. In the premier league he is just an average player and we have to many of those at this club.

      • PS. i would say Arshavin is 'exceptional' but for reasons unknown he has failed, at Arsenal, to fulfill his massive potential.