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  • John John Mar 3, 2013 18:54 Flag

    Recap Spurs game

    We can claim all we want because we had more of the ball, but at the end of the day whenever they had it, they did something with it. We messed about with it.

    We don't have the finishers and on two occasions it showed that we don't have the defence either.

    Don't want any Arab investors coming in, but money needs to be spent!

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    • John, surely it doesn't matter what nationality or religion the owner is? We live in 2013. It should be the quality of the owner and what he brings to the club that counts. Kroenke has brought nothing to AFC and seems to have little interest in "soccer". The owners of City have brought a PL title and some stability. Even Abramovich, who loves football, has brought many trophies despite the fact he almost brought just as many managers.

      When given the choice between our American owner, City's Arabic owners and Chelsea's Russian owner, ours would be at the bottom of these three.