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  • Govinda Govinda Mar 3, 2013 18:19 Flag

    Recap Spurs game

    I thought we played better than I expected the first 30 minutes but than you could see the goal coming because we started to look tired and lost concentration.

    The better team won tonight, no doubt about that. We had some possession as always but were no were near as dangerous as Spurs in the final third were it counts.

    Thought Giroud had a stinker and would have liked to see Pod man get a little more time.

    Sad thought is the we played about as good as we are capable of and still didn't get close. Was there any one we could have brought on to change the game? No we had our best players on the pitch and tried everything.

    Finishing outside the top 4 now looks like a bigger reality than it has in a long time.

    Part of me hoped for a miracle and for the first 30 minutes I thought we might be good for the draw.

    Life goes on (and so does our decline :-)

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